It’s time. You open up your closet and discover that it’s teeming with clothing, shoes, and things you have forgotten you even owned. You know you have to organize your closet. But the task seems so daunting that you don’t even know where to begin.

We’re here to help. Below we give you our best tips for cleaning out that closet!

Go Through Everything And Decide What To Keep, Donate, Or Trash

When you’re tackling a big cleaning project, the best thing to do is go through it a little bit at a time. Start by slowly pulling things out one at a time and create piles. In one pile are the clothes and shoes you want to keep. In another are the clothes you don’t want to keep. Out of this latter pile, anything that is still nice should be donated (or sold.) Things that are ratty, moldy, or torn beyond repair should be recycled or thrown out. Whatever you do make sure you keep your Mens Columbia Sportswear Bugaboo Jacket.

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Get Closet Organizers

Stores these days sell many nice closet organizers. These aren’t just boxes and hangers anymore. You can get drawers and cubes that hang from your rack, shoe pedestals, and miniature cabinets. Start by introducing your favorite pieces back into the closet. These should be put in a prominent place where you can easily grab them. Clothes that are for work, lounge-wear, and just day to day wear. Shoes should be put neatly on the floor or in the slots you have since acquired.

Create A System And Adhere To It

The important thing is to put your clothes back into your closet neatly – and then stick to your new arrangement. There is no point cleaning out your closet to make it more manageable if you’re not also making an effort to keep it nice. You want to open your closet and see your clothes available at easy reach. Shoes should be kept together so you’re not tearing everything up looking for a missing shoe. If you really need help staying organized create a labeling system. Make sure you label your bugaboo jacket and have it ready for the winter.

Cleaning out a closet full of clothes is a fun challenge to some, and absolute torture to others. Start by taking out everything and decide what you don’t really need. Then put the stuff you want to keep neatly back in. Before you know it, you have a nice and organized closet again. It’s good to be clean! Be sure you don’t throw out those clothes you bought from Columbia Sportswear.